Monday, 21 February 2011

on a break

Today the computer at my office is working very sloooow!
I don't know why...
So,, while waiting it to load data,
I did some experiment... Um... more like trial actually...
I try the watercolour pad product from Faber-Castell...

I make it simple..
And the most simple thing I can do is to draw face..
and, this is what comes in mind this evening..

What do you think?
Honestly, me myself is a bit surprised with the result..
The colour and the effect is different with my watercolour pad at home..
The layer is soft... the character is rich..
well, I don't know how to describe...

But, try it yourself!
(I'm not trying to promote my company's product here though!:p )


dePerta said...

ssuuka banget

Fenty Fahminnansih said...

walaupun tidak mencoba untuk promote, tapi promote juga kan wen :p

nice, as always :)

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