Monday, 26 September 2011

Drawing Demo

Gramedia Bookstore - Pondok Indah Mall 1 - Jakarta

See... I'm in a Missing Kuga mode right now...
As I say earlier on my previous post, sometimes I just want to play with him everywhere!
So yes... I bring Kuga whenever my pen go...

Kuga - batik technique

Have you ever heard about Batik?
A friend of mine said that Batik is not only from Indonesia.
If you googling "Batik", you'll find a lot of batik patterns from various country.
In Indonesia, we make Batik pattern with a tool named canting.

That's, Canting!

and here is me... holding canting and... membatik..
For me, membatik is like meditation..
Kinda therapy...:)

Recently, I join a small batik workshop, held by a community named Mbatikyuuuk.
on today session, I ask a blank handkerchief so I can draw it with my own illustration.
I wanna draw Kuga on it. You know, my imaginary pets.
I just looooove elephant for its cute and chubby shape.

So, here's Kuga, before the coloring.

And here's Kuga, after :

What do you think?
Hope you like it, folks....;)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

happy birthday chelsea!

A quick illustration for mba Tri and her brother's niece named Chelsea.
She said Chelsea is having a birthday party today.
Her 1st birthday party and mba Tri wants to make her a card.
Though she can't read it yet, but someday she will, right?

-If... her mom keep the card for her-

ah ya... you're right!
well... let's hope so, then!



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