Monday, 25 July 2011

no idea

I just


Have you ever feel annoyed by someone?
Well, I wish I could do that to her who annoyed me so much!
ehe... :p

Just married

No... I'm not married!

A few days ago, my friend show me a link
about wedding videography..
And I just wanna make an illustration about it..
and that's all I have in mind to visualize..

let's take a walk, Kuga!

Do you remember my imaginary pets named Kuga?
Been a while since the last time I play with him...
And now I missed him much!

If only he was real, I'd love to take him for a walk..
to all the places I love...

Monday, 18 July 2011

sketchy sketch #3

chinese woman


for me,
short hair + glasses = sexy
I just love it!:)

Drawing Demo Day #4


Gramedia Bookstore - Pluit Village - Jakarta

These are my works on Drawing Demo Day #4.
Thank God it's the last day of the event.

Today demo was tiring!
There are so many customer coming.
so many kids at our creative corner.
I like it. But sometimes they drive me nuts by their 'magical' behavior.
Some of them would scream to each other,
Won't share the tools with others,
Or got upset when they feel like they can't draw nicely and asking for more paper.
Well, not that I don't want to give them the paper.
I just annoyed by how easy they give up.
And some of them refused to draw by themselves,
even though I've teach them how to draw from the basic shapes.

I love kids.... I do love kids...
But not these kind of kids....

Ah... let's skip the work of Drawing Demo Day #3...
Yesterday was not going very well thou'...

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Drawing Demo Day #2

Day #2 :

Gramedia Mall Cijantung, Jakarta.

I go there with a new guy on my division named Oka.
Since he's new to it, I have to train him how to demo.
And it's easier when he join me there.
I can draw quietly and he play with the kids while I draw.
And so him. 

The first image is my work. solo.
The second one is a kind of collaboration.
I make the illustration, then Oka help me with the colour.


Drawing Demo Day #1

As I say yesterday,
I will upload the artwork(s) I made on drawing demo for my office program this month.
The Drawing Demo was held for 6 hours, And I draw on A2 paper, using Jumbo Connector Pen,
Sometimes I have to play with the kids on creative corner.
So, each artwork usually takes about 1.5 to 2.5 hrs

On the 1st Day of Back to School Event yesterday,
these are the work:

 1st drawing

and this one is the 2nd one!
I don't like it actually...

ah... once again, sorry for the picture quality...

Friday, 8 July 2011


she's just a stranger...
I saw her twitter profile by accident..
I even forget the way I found her page..
I only remember her picture is too cool to be missed...
so I draw her!



Monday, 4 July 2011

finally : updated!

I'm in a lack-of-motivation mode right now.
I have a few idea of what to draw,
but somehow, I just can't make my hand hold the pencil properly...
I just can't sketch perfectly..
and a few days ago, a friend of mine sent me an instant message.
she ask me to update my blog..

well, not that I don't want to, dear...
I miss my blog too actually... :)

and finally...
thanks for my office's program this month...
they sent everybody from my division
to introduce our coloring technique to the audience at the book stores,
every week, every Saturday to Sunday! 
so that's the only condition for me to make some artworks...


sorry for the picture quality by the way..
But I hope you like it!


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