Monday, 18 July 2011

Drawing Demo Day #4


Gramedia Bookstore - Pluit Village - Jakarta

These are my works on Drawing Demo Day #4.
Thank God it's the last day of the event.

Today demo was tiring!
There are so many customer coming.
so many kids at our creative corner.
I like it. But sometimes they drive me nuts by their 'magical' behavior.
Some of them would scream to each other,
Won't share the tools with others,
Or got upset when they feel like they can't draw nicely and asking for more paper.
Well, not that I don't want to give them the paper.
I just annoyed by how easy they give up.
And some of them refused to draw by themselves,
even though I've teach them how to draw from the basic shapes.

I love kids.... I do love kids...
But not these kind of kids....

Ah... let's skip the work of Drawing Demo Day #3...
Yesterday was not going very well thou'...

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