Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I'm sorry for being late on uploading this work. Been so busy these days... hehehe...
So, here's my newest work and I did it for my office's e-greeting for new year.

At Faber-Castell, where I work now, we have several techniques to colouring our work with connector pen. There're squiggling, contouring, pointilism, shading, and patterning. squiggling is a technique using tangled line to fill the empty space of your picture. contouring, well maybe you already knew what it means?? yes... we fill our work with a contour line of the shape at our picture. pointilism, is filling the space with dots. a pretty combination of dots!while shading, is making shade of colours to make value of our work. the last one, is patterning. patterning is my favourite technique, 'cause all we need to do, is making pattern to fill the empty space of our picture. it is so easy. you can make flowery pattern, circle pattern, or you can combine more than two basic shapes on your patterning technique. these colouring techniques brings you a lot of fun and a new way to learn colouring, right? let's try it yourself! And you'll find the fun of it!:)

Ah.. and here's the final e-greetings after we put the illustration on the corporate frame.
So.... Happy New Year 2011, everyone! Wish you a fabulous year ever!;)

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