Friday, 30 March 2012


Have you ever feel like...
You're on the lack of motivation?
I made this one today
when I just arrived at the office
To boost my mood..


\( ^o^ )/

blushing #2

I remember I've ever made an artwork and I named it Blushing too..
So let's just call this one as Blushing #2!

I draw it traditionally.
Just color pencil, then I put some photo effect from Android Apps named Little Photo.
Well.. I like it this way than the original..
I hope you like it too...


Thursday, 29 March 2012


"Today Mood : Exhausted," says Kuga.

Happy Birthday, Nisa!

Today is my niece's birthday, Nisa!
She's 3 yo now..
Too bad I can't be there to hug her tight...

But I'll be there soon, sweety..:*

let's sketch!

From now on, me and my friends are going to have a sketchy day on the weekend..

Putri Kebo

Putri Kebo | Bufallo Princess

hello... finally...

Hellooooo world......

It's been a looooooooong since the last post..
Yeah I know... I've been lack of blogging recently..

But today.... I'll make it up to you, guys..
I've made some artwork today.. and yesterday..
random theme actually..


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