Monday, 14 February 2011


So... Happy valentine's day everybody!!
And.... happy birthday for me and my twin...:)

Here's... a new artwork of mine..
Noo.... it's not about me and my twin brother..
It tells about, how shy they are when they meet each other...
and their cheeks blushing when they realized something might be happened between them..
there're sparks though they are not the same..
well, simply like gloria and melman on madagascar!
You can see how they should not belong to each other..
but however... that is how the love works... or maybe the cupid...

You'll never know, who's the right guy or girl the God sent to you...
Could be somebody like you, or somebody you'll never had in mind instead..
whatever it is,, don't worry to fall in love!



Diah Fitriana said...

if only it has like button, hahaha, love it wen.. as always ^_^

at first i thought, that was your twin, but i guess that could be someone else ;D

wish u have a happy valentine too <3

Fenty said...

Whwhwhwhw, gedean sapi dibanding gajah :D

ciyeeeh, blushing ketemu sapa wen ? :D

Happy birthday ya, say, all the best :) oh ternyata punya kembaran, happy birthday for your twin either :)

moodylicious wen said...

aaaah... senseiii....
hehehehehehe.....:p *blushing*
thank you btw...:)

mba fenty, ini gajahnya masih anakan mbak... masih imyut... hohohoh...:D
saya blushing ketemu kamyuuuuw...:p
thanks a bunch!;)

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