Thursday, 3 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Hey!! It's rabbit year already!!
So, I'd like to say, Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!
Gong Xi Fa Cai


Anyway,, here's the latest artwork made by me and Rizal Tri Susanto.
Mas Rizal (the way I call him), is an illustrator on PT. Faber-Castell International Indonesia.
He's awesomely good on his work.
The artwork above is made by him, but I'm the conceptor.
That is why I said it is made by us! hehehe...:D

So, the concept is about the fortune rabbit.
I completely blank at first.
Really don't know how to illustrate this 'fortune rabbit'.
All I can think about is how to combine, the Fu word and the image of the rabbit.
FYI, Fu means luck.

And... this is it! Enjoy!:)


Diah Fitriana said...

wuih rapi banget wen, detilnya juga, ini kamu yang bikin??? yakin???

wuih love it, love love love it XD

moodylicious wen said...


Ini yang garap Mas Rizal... Aku cuma konseptornya... hehehehe... kerjasama laaah.....:D

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