Monday, 2 August 2010

javanese brides

For me, the style of Javanese brides always looks good. It makes a woman looks pretty, graceful, and honorable.

When I was a child, I've dreamed about my wedding and I want to be exactly like this. Well, it's impossible for now, but... whatever... I love the way I am and still, I'd be the prettiest woman on my wedding day someday! With or without this Javanese brides looks.. hehehe..:)


kenyokania said...

Hi Wen, aku izin share artworkmu ini ke Pinterest boleh ya? Akreditasinya pasti ada alamat blogmu sebagai source-nya :)
Thanks before! I really love this Javanese Bride artwork you made!

moodylicious wen said...

heii... of course you may... glad that u like it... thanks a bunch...:)

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