Thursday, 26 August 2010

another mission! woohoo!!

A few months ago, my friend, Ruben, asked me to draw each of characters in Perahu Kertas novel. Since I am a huge fan of that novel, of course I say 'YES, I'LL DO IT!'. Unfortunately, this thesis things drives me crazy and I have no time to make it true. And a few hours ago, he reminds me about it... he asked me, once more, to make it true! And yes my dearest friend... I'll do it for you! I'll do it for me!! hahahha....xD

Oke.. I know it is too much!:p

Talking about Perahu Kertas, it's a novel from our favourite writer Dewi Dee Lestari. It has a beautiful story about love and friendship. About the process for teenager to be mature. About how we manage jealousy and how to forgive mistakes on our past. Once you read it, you just can't stop!:)

Ah.. here's the cover of the book. Entertaining, right?;)


Anonymous said...

kamu punya mbak?? aku mau pinjaamm po'o.. :D

moodylicious wen said...

dulu aku pinjem... trus buat misi ini, aku juga mau dipinjemin.. hahahahha...



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