Sunday, 17 October 2010

Alice In Wonderland

I try to illustrate Alice In Wonderland when she gets bigger on the room.
Needs a lot of cristics thou'..
But I hope you like it.. and give me lots of critics...;)


dee485 said...

hehehe poor alice, i can see that she's getting older in such a small place... but i think you should add some more clue that pointed she is alice, for a moment i thought she was just alittle girl with her toy =(
sorry, maybe some blue clothes that alice used to wear, or more antiques furniture in her home would be nice. just saying... =)
your colour get better though, and i love the combination water colour and canson paper XD
looks very nice....

moodylicious wen said...

thanks for the advices... ya, I guess you're right.. there's not too Alice.. hehehe...

Anyway, that's not canson. it's concord paper.. hahahaha...:p

dee485 said...

hahaha both look same =)

anisadh said...

aku suka ilustrasinya nya. kamu yang ngegambar?
btw salam kenal

moodylicious wen said...


Iya, semua yang di sini aku yang gambar...

salam kenal juga..:)

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